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Before you sell your home, a property that was one of the most important investments you have ever made, you should ASK;

50 POWERFUL AND INSIGHTFUL QUESTIONS FOR A REAL ESTATE AGENT, BEFORE YOU SIGN ANY CONTRACT! Then compare, before you select an associate for your valued possession!


  1. How many years have you been in the Real Estate Business?
  2. What is your educational background?
  3. What is your asking rate for a commission to sell our home? What does the purchasing Real Estate agent receive?
  4. How many homes did you sell in the last full year? How many have you sold this year?
  5. How long have you been selling Real Estate in this area?
  6. Can I contact your last five clients?
  7. What kind of experience and training do you have in negotiating?
  8. Can I get out of the listing if I'm not pleased with your services, without a hassle?
  9. Do you have a WRITTEN Marketing Plan for marketing my property?
  10. . Where does your company rank among other companies in the area?
  11. . Are you a member of the National Association of Realtors?
  12. . Are you a member of the Local Board of Realtors?
  13. . Are you a member of MLS?
  14. . Does your name and company logo attract potential buyers?
  15. . Why should your company make a difference to me?
  16. . Do you stay in touch with me from the beginning of the listing until the closing? How often, in what way?
  17. . What support systems do you have in place?
  18. . Do you do anything to prepare the house for the market? What is it?
  19. . Do you have any special marketing plans, outside of your current method, for selling this property?
  20. . Do you spend time and money to contact my neighbors, if they know someone that will purchase my property, other then just waiting for the sign to be seen?
  21. . Do you market with Direct Mailings about my property?
  22. . Does your name have the ability to attract other agents, that will contact their clients for interest in my home?
  23. . Do you prepare professional flyers for the presentation to all interested parties? Do you have a sample of your work?
  24. Will you personally be there when contracts are presented and handle all the negotiations?
  25. Will you guarantee that my home will sell in 90 days, and if it not sold, what will you do?
  26. . Am I locked into this listing with you?
  27. . What contacting systems do you have in place, to make it easy for me to contact you in an emergency?
  28. . Are you fully automated with personal computers, fax machine, pagers and voice mail?
  29. . Do you provide incentives/bonuses to brokers to get them excited about my home?
  30. . Do you belong to the local Chamber of Commerce?
  31. . Can you show me your marketing program for your last three homes that you have sold? How much time did it take to sell each home?
  32. . Do you have a telemarketing company to help you sell your listings?
  33. . Do you request that each interested party that is making an offer for my property, be pre-qualified?
  34. . Do you request that a letter be included in the proposal, of the purchaser with an offer, being pre-qualified?
  35. . Do you specify a cost effective title insurer for the closing services?
  36. . Do you follow-up on all showings of the home, and report the comments back to me?
  37. . Do my calls get returned in a timely matter?
  38. . How many full time agents do you have in your office, that will help you sell my home?
  39. . Do you have an assistant to make sure no details are overlooked?
  40. . In what ways will you encourage other Realtors to sell my home?
  41. . Will you advertise my property on a rotating basis?
  42. . What part of your business is from referrals, from your past clients?
  43. . What additional guarantees do you offer to take my listing?
  44. . Do you work as a full time Realtor? If not, what else do you do?
  45. . Are you a GRI? If not, why?
  46. . Are you a CRS? If not, why?
  47. . Are you in the top 1%, in Real Estate income, in your profession? If not why?
  48. . Do you have any special yearly awards from your Realtor association?
  49. . Do you have a Web Site? Do you directly market the property on the Internet?
  50. . Can you give me 5 reasons why I should list with you rather than any other agent who is calling on me?

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