Your Englewood Colorado Area Real Estate EXPERT!

Aurora Colorado Real Estate

If you are new to the Englewood Colorado Real Estate area, contact Dick Palmer, and allow him to show you your dream home, whether it is in the high country or the plains, and anything in between!

DICK'S Marketing Plan for the Englewood Colorado Real Estate area; Your objective is our objective. Your happiness is our happiness! Your highest selling price possible, in the shortest possible time period, is our plan!

Fiduciary responsibilities as a representative of the seller, is extremely important to Dick. He has maintained that ethic, selling Real Estate in Englewood Colorado. Always compare, before your final Realtor selection.



  1. Show-case your home.
  2. Install lock box for convenient access to the property.
  3. Install For Sale sign.
  4. Prepare Multiple Listing Service listing forms, brochure information, special features sheets, and enter your property on the on-line computer. Your property automatically appears in the MLS catalogue and is instantly available to all of our offices, and all other major real estate companies that are MLS members, and can also be access the National Realtor Association Internet Directory (RIN).
  5. Order CRV, FHA, or MAI appraisal (optional at owner's expense).
  6. Present your property at our next office sales meeting.
  7. Hold open houses if desired.
  8. Distribute listing sheets on your property.
  9. I will contact you on a regular basis to advise you of:

And while Numbers 1-9 are being enacted, WE will have our "EXPERT REALTOR NETWORK", that WE have established over a period of many-many years, TO contact their clients, for their interest in purchasing your home.

Advertising your home will be done on an individual basis, as well as in advertisements on similar homes. WE will continually advertise to attract buyers for homes in all price ranges through a wide range of media. Some houses will draw more calls, so we may use them more often.

Once your home is under contract, WE will:


WE represent your best interest in all inquiries and negotiations. You can expect dedicated service in the handling of your transaction.

WE promptly deliver all offers and review them with you.

WE will assist you in closing, in guiding you through the paperwork, and the legal execution of all documents.

WE keep a complete file of documents for future reference.

WE operate under a strict code of ethics enforced by the National Association of Realtors, assuring you the most competent, professional and ethical performance available.

Pricing your home to sell

A realistic selling price is the most important consideration to the prospective buyer of your home.

The Competitive Market Analysis that WE have, will aid you in determining an effective listing price:

  1. By focusing on properties currently listed-our competition.
  2. By analyzing recently sold properties, seeing what past buyers were willing to pay, studying trends in financing, and by showing us how much marketing time was required to obtain the sale.

Overpricing is one of the key problems to avoid:

  1. Properties get their best exposure during the first three to four weeks on the market.
  2. The longer a home remains on the market, the lower the selling price is in relation to the asking price.
  3. Too high of an asking price misleads the very buyer who should see the property.
  4. Overpricing homes may even help the competition.
  5. Properties left on the market for extended periods of time usually become "shopworn", causing many to believe something's amiss.
  6. Overpricing tends to dampen the other salesperson's attitude, making it less likely to be shown.
  7. Since an appraisal is often required in financing a property, it's futile to price a property for more than it's worth.

Buyers always determine value: