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The FOLLOWING is a partial LIST of the SERVICES we provide:

Available Land, to meet your requirements

Helping you analyze the available land

Background information of the property

Special Market Opportunities

Data Gathering

Quantitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis

1031 exchanges

Acquisition with option programs

Lease with option to buy programs

Raw Land Development

Banking alternatives

Investment Opportunities

Land Development Experts

Office Buildings





At some time all of us have probably heard or read stories of how investors have gotten rich quick by investing in land.  However, we seldom learn of the risks involved in land investment or of the losses an owner incurs who purchases a piece of land that should never have been acquired.

Today land investment and acquisition is a complex business.  An investor can no longer buy land and simply sit back and do nothing but wait for its immediate appreciation.

Moreover, land planners, architects, and designers have introduced more creative and professional land-use concepts in recent years. 

Essential to successful land investment are: the timing of the acquisitions; the selectivity in the location of the property; the availability of financial resources; the complication of market research to support the profitability and political feasibility of the development; and professional planning.

We have all of the proven experience you need, to access the proven information, before your decision is made, whether it is a purchase or sale of property, or even a 1031 exchange.



Raw Land Development Farm Ranch Property COLORADO OFFICE BUILDING

We offer all of the information you need to inspect the available properties, as well as published information to get you started.

All you need to do is contact us with your requirements, by sending us an e-mail, and we will respond within 48 hours!1031 exchange land investment property real estate

We have a "LAND BUYING checklist book" that will help you, in your decision to purchase raw land.  Simply contact us for the "LAND BUYING checklist book", and you shall receive it!

For information on a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange, please "click" HERE.