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The 1031Tax-Deferred Exchange is quickly becoming one of the most commonly used real estate investment techniques in the country today.  Some areas are more prone to exchange than others, however, all parts of the Country now participate in 1031 exchanging and enjoy the benefits of tax deferment and full reinvestment of capital.

Thanks to recent governmental regulations, the mystery has disappeared. Investors of all sizes now utilize the technique.  Commercial investment brokers and residential agents alike are using the concept to improve client investment positions and easily double their income as they earn commissions on the sale and on the purchase.

Most important in the successful exchange equation is the escrow/intermediary combination.  Together they should provide 100% safety and security for funds held (the most important issue in the exchange) and audit proof exchange agreements and documentation (the second most important issue).

This is why PATHFINDER INVESTMENT CORPORATION can guide you to your own special investment outcome.  We offer the complete services to become the "EXCHANGER", for all of your asset preservation requirements, as well as coordination of your efforts toward the successful "path", that will eliminate unwelcome circumstances.

We also, for the price of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARSInvestment, offer publications with over 275 pages and two (2) hours of consultation, that will give you an excellent start, before you decide on your own particular exchange and time table, and before you spend any large sums of money for professional services.

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This material is designed only to provide information concerning I.R.C. Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges.  It is not intended to provide or replace legal, accounting or other professional counsel.

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